YSU Held Monitoring on the Academic Performance of Cooperation Students


As a Teaching University with a national scope, YSU continues to solidify its commitment in giving education for students coming from various regions in Indonesia. One of them is by offering cooperation with the local authorities in several regions of Indonesia. Currently, there are about 18 local governments which have made cooperation with YSU to send their prospective candidates for pursuing education in YSU, which was formerly named IKIP Yogyakarta.

As an attempt to show the commitment, particularly in terms of evaluation on the academic progress of the cooperation students, Friday morning (14/8/2015), UNY held Monitoring on the Academic Progress of Cooperation Student, at the Senate Meeting Room of YSU.

The event was led by Dra. Sri Prambiastuti, Head of Academic, Student, and Information Affairs Bureau. In her speech, she mentioned the purpose of this agenda. "This is the second invitation as well as the follow-up of the first monitoring done at the Faculty of Engineering. This activity aims to confirm the academic performance of the students, " Pram said.

As many as 31 students attended the monitoring and then were divided into three discussion groups hosted by the staff of OIAP and Academic, Student, and Information Affairs Bureau. From the discussion, it was concluded that some cooperation students faced several constraints, such as regarding attendance, compliance to time of submission, and other constraints. In this discussion, those students were asked regarding their commitment to continue studying in YSU.

Aji Abdusalim, S. Pd, staff of IOAP YSU, while leading the discussion stated "YSU is trying everything possible to assist the cooperation students in finishing their study as scheduled. In addition, we urge the coordinator of each region to consult with YSU internal party more often ".

"Cooperation students are representatives from each region. Those enrolled here are the best of their respective area. To that end, they should be thankful for and maximize the opportunity to study in this Teaching University, " Aji added. (Yuhda)

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