YSU International Students Took Part in “Lenggang” Dance Workshop


Moving to a world class university, YSU does not only move academically, but also takes part in introducing Indonesian culture to the world. Some workshops have been conducted for international students: angklung, gamelan, and batik. On last Friday (18/10/13), the students were invited to get to know another kind of indonesian cultural form  called “Lenggang” dance through a dance workshop conducted by the Faculty of Languages and Arts.

“Lenggang” is an Indonesian traditional dance that originally comes from Minang, West Sumatra. This dance composition was inspired by the song “Biduak Pincalang”, a work of Nuskan Syarif. Ibu Trie Wahyuni, a lecturer of Dance Education Department, gave a brief introduction to the dance before starting the workshop. Not only to the dance, the students were also introduced to other Indonesian traditional dances through videos.

Though it was not as easy as it looked,   the students kept practicing the dance enthusiastically. Some of them even asked for a personal assistance during the break to have supplementary practice. “The dance looks easy, but it is actually difficult to practice the movements,” Alvaro, a Chilean student, commented.

This dance is going to be performed in the 2013 Global Culture Fest (GCF) on November 13 and 14. GCF is an annual event held for international students to introduce their original cultures. Not only cultures form other countries, various Indonesian cultures are also performed in this program. (Zakiyah K)

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