A YSU Student Emerges as Intelligence Champion of 2015 Mas Kebumen


Arif Dwihantoro, a student of Mathematics Education, Yogyakarta State University qualified as a finalist of 2015 Mas and Mbak Kebumen (A Local Paegant organized by Kebumen Tourism and Cultural Agency) and won Intelligence category. This event is designed for youth aged 17 to 25 years old domiciled in the Kebumen District. As a cultural agenda, the youth of Kebumen can extend participation in promoting local tourist destinations in Kebumen and is potential to be crowned Duta Wisata Kebumen (Kebumen Tourism Ambassador). Once elected, the Ambassador will compete in the advanced level for promoting tourism potential in Kebumen.

The assessment of Mas and Mbak Kebumen began with registration and administration until October 2, 2015. Then, it continued with a series of tests, ie. written test, psychological test, and interview on 4 October 2015 in Meotel Dafam, Kebumen. Some of the assessment points are appearance, knowledge on tourism, general knowledge, personality, and ability in English.

The selected finalists were 30 people, with 15 Mbak (female nominees) and 15 Mas (male nominees). They attended the quarantine on 8 — 10 October 2015. This quarantine was to further explore the potentials of each finalist; presentation on a wide range of knowledge about tourism, modeling, public speaking; prevention of HIV/AIDS; beauty class; and excursions to tourist sites namely Menganti Beach while getting acquaintance with the tourist village nearby.

In addition, the finalists also were handed materials about psychology, because in addition to attractive appearance, the Tourist Ambassadors should also perform a good attitude. The highlight of the pageant was the Grand Final of 2015 Mas and Kebumen held on Sunday evening (8/10/2015) at Meotel Dafam, where Arif managed to grab champion of Intelligence category. (adh)

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