YSU Student To Represent Sleman District for Yogyakarta Special Territory Young Pionner Award


Throughout the history, youth movements have influenced and contributed to the national resurrection and development. Youth participation in shaping the nation is an actual contribution towards the birth of the Republic of Indonesia. The first Youth Pledge in 1928 has shown the initiative of youth to start and pioneer the formation of the state. In Indonesian context today, youth pioneering activities are essential towards acting on issues such as social welfare, education, information technology and science considering the challenges arising in the globalisation era and the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community.

The government concern about youth development is realised through the ministry of youth and Sport appreciation for the youth for their dedication and initiative to make positive changes in their community. The annual award is to appreciate the youth movements and activities which have lead to positive changes in educaton, social sectors, culture, tourism, and nationalism; environment and natural resources management; Food; practical technology, information technology and communication technology.

The selection is started from the district level, such as one in Sleman District, where YSU student Janu Muhammad joined the selection which consisted of administrative requirements, presentation and question and answer, and visitation.

Janu is a student at the Geography Education Department, Faculty of Social Sciences who has run the Gunny Sack Library (Omah Baca Karung Goni), his social project in Ngemplak, Caturharjo, Sleman since January 19th 2014. On Wednesday, June 24 2015 at the Education, Youth, and Sport Regional Office of Sleman District, Janu presented the progress and results of his project to the selection committee.

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