Students of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) were recently announced the champion of the 2016 Tirtayasa Research Competition and Festival (Tracival) which was held on Saturday (7/5/2016) by the Student Activity Unit of TRAS, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University. At this competition, the YSU team was consisting Herianto (Natural Science Education 2013) and Dinar Indah Lufita Sari (Chemistry, 2014); both were members of the KSI-Mist FMIPA UNY. With the theme of "Empowerment of Indonesian local wisdom to compete in the ASEAN Economic Community" the 2016 Tracival offered the winner some amount of money, mentoring, and opportunities to present papers at 2016 Tracival National Seminar. The Chairman of the team, Herianto conveyed "The competition was so tight, all teams had done a great work, making it difficult to predict who will be the winner. But with God’s blessings, YSU team could grab the first position in the social-education."

The team at the UNY competed with teams from University of Indonesia, Brawijaya University, Sebelas Maret University, etc. The YSU team proposed a work entitled "The integration of arts in the natural science learning through science-based gamelan autoplay media studio application to introduce local culture to the students of junior high schools". The idea came up due to the large number of young people of Indonesia who are not familiar with their original culture, one of them is their less undertanding in gamelan.

Gamelan is only taught at subjects with local content such as Javanese language. The work of YSU students were made using application form of autoplay media studio. The application is software for creating multimedia by integrating different types of media such as pictures, sounds, video, text, and flash into a presentation. The integration of cultural preservation of gamelan in the natural science learning is expected to broaden students’ knowledge of gamelan and to increase students ' sense of love to the gamelan. (Herianto)

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