As a part of the 2016 International Teaching Practice (PPL) program of Yogyakarta State University (YSU), the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (KUIK) held a farewell ceremony for the students at the Graduate School Hall YSU, to send 17 YSU students from various faculties to follow PPL in Malaysia. Well ahead, there are three universities who are the partners for International PPL, namely Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Putra Sultan Idris (UPSI). The agenda also invited Vice Rector 1, Vice Rector 3, the Deans, and the Chairman of LPPMP.

"This year, in addition to send students for International PPL in Malaysia, we also received 4 Thai students from SEAMEO program for PPL here" said Dr.Ing. Satoto Endar Nayono, M. Eng., M.Sc. in his report on the agenda. He also said that sending students to participate in international PPL is one of the strategies to face of AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), considering that YSU is an institution that gives birth to teachers in Indonesia. Teachers, as we know, are included in one of the professions that compete in the AEC.

On the agenda, one of the student representatives was also given the opportunity to convey the impression and farewell to the audience. "We asked for blessing to serve there. We hope to represent Indonesia as well, then return with improvement "said Lutfi Herdiansyah, one of the participants.

At the end of the occasion, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D. did not forget to instruct "Always remember to keep the good name of YSU and Indonesia, because later it will be a record for the partner university." He also motivated students to continue to innovate and be creative in teaching, do not just get hung up on the Learning Plan that has been prepared. "If you show a good attitude, it is not impossible that you will be promoted for further studies there, then recruited to work in Malaysia," he added, while providing motivation to the students. (Wulan)

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