YSU Students Develop the First Hybrid Race Car in Indonesia

YSU Students Develop the First Hybrid Race Car in Indonesia

YSU Garuda racing team is developing the hybrid technology for formula racing car to participate in the Intenational Student Green Car Competition (ISGCC) 2014 in South Korea, May 2014. It will be the first hybrid formula in Indonesia.

The concept of hybrid racing car is a trending car technology in recent years. The hybrid technology combines electrical power and fuel power in the drive system of a vehicle.

In developed countries like South Korea, Japan and Germany, the hybrid vehicles are common to develop because the technology is eco-friendly and fuel-saving,” Bondan Prakoso, The Coordinator of Garuda YSU team said.

“In this hybird car, a litre of fuel is capable of reaching 35 kilometres,” he added.

The idea of developing hybrid formula car is supported by YSU Rector, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M. Pd., M.A. After the achievement of electrical car in the previous year, YSU will take a chance to participate in the hybrid car competition. “Why  not we send the representatives of those categories (electrical and hybrid cars) this year?”, Rochmat Wahab challenged the team.

“In 2014, 15 competitors will participate in the category of hybrid cars, and 45 competitors will compete in the category of electrical cars. The competitors are from the universities in Asia,” Bondan said.

Bondan also said that the target to finish both cars was close to the deadline. ‘The plan says that it is going to be launched in May.” (Haryo/Febi)

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