The English Camp 2015 was officially closed on Sunday (6/9/15), in a farm surrounded with Zalacca plants and the relaxing voice of splash water from the river in Pulesari village, Turi, Sleman. The theme of "Water Dries, the World Cries," is in accordance with the tourist village that accentuates this water tour. The three-day English Camp 2015 (4-6/9/15) ran successfully and was full of jokes and laughs without ignoring the learning essence.
The event was opened on Friday by the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Partnerships, Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D in Class A, IOAP. The agenda is held annually and this year, the participants were 50 students as the representation of each faculty. In order to follow the theme, which tells about water, the participants were divided into four groups, and given the name of four major rivers in four continents, namely Mekong (Asia), Victoria (Africa), Thames (Europe), and Amazon (America).
In her speech, Suwarsih expressed her pure contentment and appreciation to the participants in this agenda. "You all, who join English Camp this year, are the special fifty people, as you are given the opportunity to benefit one of YSU programs named English Camp”, she asserted. Suwarsih, as the Professor of the English Education Department, pointed out the importance of mastering English for students today. "English is a means to have a bright future. How lucky you are there in front of me (in this occasion) today, "she assured. Besides, Suwarsih also presented the Cross Cultural Understanding materials for opening the English Camp.

The participants went to the Pulesari tourist village using a bus and four cars; it is located in the north part of Yogyakarta Special Region, a few kilometers from Central Java province. The participants were greeted with shaded zalacca farm and splash of mountain water which continues to flow endlessly.

On the first day, the participants attended Discussion Skills Theory and Practice led by lecturers from English Education Department. At night, they watched and reviewed a movie “Erin Brockovich” in the Movie Screening. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie tells a story about the efforts of an activist in investigating water pollution cases. This movie supports the theme brought in the English Camp, “Water Dries, the World Cries”. A number of participants contributed in this Movie Screening. A further discussion was held after the film was reviewed.
On the second day, in the morning, the participants gathered in pendapa (a fundamental element of Javanese architecture) of Pulesari by doing exercise together. After that, they were called for exploring the river, which becomes the primary tour of the village.

It was identified sedimentation near the river. "The yellow soil in the river edge indicates sedimentation," as suggested by Diana, one of the English Camp participants. After getting enough in having fun and learning about water, the participants joined English for Socializing with Instructors and Foreigners class.

In the evening, the pendapa of Pulesari transformed into a stage for art performances of the participants. They demonstrated totality in this case. A wide range of accessories and decoration supported their performances on the stage, adding more excitement in this second day of English Camp.

Outdoor language games dan Treasure Hunt were ready on the third day. Participants that have been grouped into four were again separated into five groups in the last day. Both activities emerged a tight competition between groups to become the winner. This last day finally ended with the closing ceremony led by Arumi Savitri Fatimaningrum, M.A. "I thank you guys for your participation, and also the Committee for the hard work. We wait for the English Camp next year," she delivered her statement in English fluently.

All participants appreciated the English Camp. Reno, one of the participants, gave his testimony, "The agenda gives many benefits for me. My English skill is improved and I get a lot of new friends. Thank you English Camp, I wish this would be held again in the years to go”. (Yuhda)

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