YSU Students Observe Timor Deer Activities in Baluran National Park, East Java

 YSU Students Observed Timor Deer Activities in Baluran National Park, East Java

Several students of YSU Biology Study Program held an excursion to Baluran National Park, East Java from December 18th to 20th, 2014 to observe various flora and fauna in this national park. Among them are Timor deer (Cervus timorensis) which are considered as Indonesian original deer.
The students are Harlina Jatiningsih, Andyka Ferry Pratama, Amiruddin Latif Hakim, Wulan Shofiana, Ganda Aditya Wibowo and Nur Hidayah Fitria Rahmawati. They worked under the supervision of dr. Tutiek Rahayu, M.Kes., Tri Atmanto, M.Si., and Paramita C.K., M.Sc.

“The observation held in Bekol Savanna of Baluran National Park was based on climatic factors in the habitat of Timor deer, namely wind speed (2.95 km/hour), light intensity (412 x 100 lux) and humidity (52 mmHg), whereas daily activities observed were ingesting, moving, resting and grooming,” Herlina said.

In their observation, male and female deer mostly ingested in afternoon by choosing green area and creating their population. In addition, they moved from one vegetation area to another to forage for food and water. However, the presence of visitors also caused them to moved to other areas. After ingesting, they rested under the trees to stabilize their body temperature as well as to chew their food.

They also groomed between ingesting and resting times in order to strengthen social interactions among them as well as to clean themselves from lice and dirt. Investigative deer were also found during the observation. They will stop their activities if they sense dangers around them. (fitri/witono)

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