YSU Students Participate in KIMVETNAS 2015


Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics Education), Rini Winarti (Biology Education) and Rizal Justian Setiawan (Mechanical Engineering Education) participated  in KIMVETNAS or National Veterinary Student Conference in Gadjah Mada University (28-29/03/2015).

KIMVETNAS was held by Veterinary Medicine Student Organization collaborated with Science Vertinary UGM 2015. In this competition, the participants presented their works in two parts, namely Oral Presentation and Project 10 Minutes. Oral Presentation is a 15 minutes presentation of the current participants’ research, whereas Project 10 Minutes is a 10 minutes presentation of the idea of the subsequent research.  

The YSU students presented a paper entitled “Zoonosis Poster as A Learning Medium in Animal Disease Sub-Chapter for Highschool Student” In Project 10 Minutes. Animal Disease Sub-Chapter is considered important because it was frequently tested in National Exam. In addition, it covers various contagious diseases for human. The paper reviewed how important biology education in learning process. Therefore, a creative medium in form of poster to learn biology is needed to decrease learning-centered process.

This competition was participated by several universities in Indonesia, i.e. Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta State University, Brawijaya University, Bogor Agricultural University, Airlangga University And Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya. The winners are Gadjah Mada University, Bogor Agricultural University, Yogyakarta State University and Brawijaya University. (Rn)

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