A critical factor in the success of an organization is the presence of capable and skilled employees with high morale, so satisfactory work can be expected. However, there are many factors that cause a decrease in the work ethic among employees behavior, namely less discipline, less strict regulations from office to its employees, to the facility and the state of agency that tend to make employees bored and lazy. In this case, the adequate office facilities will support employees in work. One of them is a chair, a tool widely used by employees to support the work process in office. Almost all of the activities of employees use chair to support the comfort aspect while working. Seats that are hard and uncomfortable make employees tend to get tired at the office, resulting in a decline in the work ethic.

A team of YSU students who are the members of Student Activity Unit of Research, namely Dian Rizka Silvia from English Education department, Dian Dwi Artanti from Guidance and Counseling department, Elga Fajar Kurniawan from Automotive Engineering Education department, also Isvi Ria Nur Afit and Mery Nurfitriani from Biology department created an innovation " Relaxation and Reflexology Chair " in which they modified a chair to be more comfortable by coating the seat’s bearing section with two compounds that react with each other, namely sodium and water, causing cold temperatures on the seat’s bearing. This is expected to provide a sense of comfort, to support work effectiveness and efficiency.

"It is an opportunity to innovate the use of relaxation seat which is not only used to sit" said Dian Rizka Silvia "but, it is also comfortable and does not feel hot when we sit too long, and does not cause back pain and cancer". Dian Dwi Artanti added that this chair uses heat-resistant gel that works continuously by absorbing heat from the user by utilizing the principle of heat transfer. "When the heat goes from the user to the tool, the user will feel the heat reduction on the parts which are in contact with the cooling gel" said Dian Dwi Artanti. This is expected to provide a sense of comfort, supporting the effectiveness and efficiency in the work.

Elga Fajar Kurniawan said, the initial material used are chair, Sodium Polyacrylate, water and massagers. Massager tool used is the Low Frequency Therapy Equipment. "This tool is used to help increase wellness through reflection rate and nerves and blood circulation so that our back will not hurt" said Elga. Gel reservoir and DC adapter circuit are also added. According to him, this chair uses Therapy Equipment such as rubber container and Low Frequency Therapy Equipment. The plates are used as massagers that will be placed on the back of the seat or right at the back of the user to integrate with the seat’s body. When in use, the Low Frequency Therapy Equipment is controlled by a selector.

The installation of equipment on the body of the chair does not change the shape of the seat; the seat material reduction is only necessary to put these equipment. Anti-heat gel will work continuously absorbing heat from the user by taking benefits of heat transfer principle. When the heat goes from the user to the tool, the user will feel the heat reduction on the parts in contact with the cooling gel. When it is used, the possibility of the cooling gel reduced may occur due to evaporation or condensation. This can be overcome by adding cooling gel through the reservoir hole. Meanwhile, massagers placed at the back of the chair will be activated when the selector is positioned to ON. Massager’s motor power works with 12 volt battery or can be replaced by 220 volt electrical home converted into a 12 volt power supply. This creativity has earned funding from the Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education Creativity Program in the field of Cipta Karsa. (Dedy)

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