Melayu Day of Yala is a routine and annual event held in Yala, Thailand. It is among the biggest Malay culture festivals in Northern Thailand, particularly in Yala Province. In 2016, the Thailand government holds Melayu Day of Yala for the 3rd time on 11 – 15 February 2016. Indonesia is invited to take part in the festival as a participant. Then, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Songkhla, Thailand sent an invitation letter to Yogyakarta State University (YSU), requesting willingness to contribute in the event. Triyogo Jatmiko as the Indonesian Counselor considers this is such a great event, as a means of promoting Malay culture, including Indonesia. “It is also to promote higher institutions and tourism destinations in Indonesia” he suggested. “ The festival has been such a national agenda in Thailand. The Minister of Culture is scheduled to attend while opening the event”, he added.

Tip for tap, YSU welcomed the invitation and prepared for performing in the event. YSU mandated a team of art performance and exhibition consisting 8 people, including lectures and students. Led by Prof. Suwarsih Madya as Vice Rector IV of YSU, the delegation consists of Dr. Margana, Dr. Heri Retnawati and Ashadi, Ph.D from Exhibition Team and Dr. Kuswarsantyo, Supriyadi Hasta Nugraha, M.Sn, Evi Wodyoningsih dan Tiofani from Art Performance Team.Vice Rector IV of YSU, Prof. Suwarsih Madya, explained, besides giving performance, YSU will also participate in the exhibition to give information about study in YSU, both in undergraduate and graduate programs. “We would also like to offer scholarships”, says Prof. Suwarsih Madya.

Before flying to Thailand, the team conducted rehearsal in Academic Service Building, Faculty of Languages and Arts YSU on Tuesday 9 February 2016. One of the performers from YSU, Supriyadi Hasta Nugraha, M.Sn stated that the team will present two traditional dances, namely Rama Memburu Kijang and Klono Topeng. “Rama Memburu Kijang is part of Ramayana epic” he revealed. Currently working as Dance Education in YSU, he and his team made some adjustments from the original story of Ramayana, including for the movement and the rithm. According to the plan, there would be several agendas during the festival. Schools, universities, local library, and culture councils will also take part to cheer up the festival. (Dedy)

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