Student of FSS (Faculty of Social Sciences) of YSU, Akhmad Fakhrurroji (History Education 2012) and Briliantoro Yusuf Ervanda (History Education 2012) has successfully achieved The Best Presentation in The 6th International Conference on History and Society Development (ICHSD) (29-30/12) last year in Japan. This event is held every year by IEDRC (International Economic Development Research Center).

At least 30 presenters from different countries namely Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Nepal, India, Iran, Iraq, and so on had participated in this event. Akhmad said, “Our first day was just a registration. The main event of ICHSD was held in the second day (30/12), starting at 09.00. It was open by the Keynote Speakers; Prof. T. Wing Lo, Prof. Norihito Mizuno, and Prof. Tomomi Naka.”

Akhmad described, “The presentation from each session started at 03.00 till 17.00 local time. The presenters were divided into four groups. The theme of the first group: Anthropology; Group 2: Education and Society; Group 3: marketing; Group 4: Economy and Finance. YSU team brought the theme “The Role of Indonesian Air Force in Seroja Operation in East Timor.” That’s why it was included in Group 1, Anthropology. The article contains history and the role of TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) in Seroja Operation in East Timor (1975 – 1979).”

In the event, YSU has successfully achieved the best presentation. Briliantoro said, “Alhamdulillah, in the end of the event, the reward was given as an appreciation for the best presenter who has presented the paper. The award was given to one presenter of each group. And YSU team has successfully achieved The Best Oral Presentation in the event.”

After awarding, the event continued with dinner by all the participants and speakers. Akhmad said “there are lots of new knowledge and precious experience that we got during the ICHSD event. We also discussed politics in Indonesia and the world. I also asked several questions to the professors about the postgraduate study abroad. After the dinner, we exchanged name card.”

Briliantoro also agreed to what Ahmad said, “Alhamdulillah, incredible experience for us to have the chance to meet them. Sometimes we are not confident because the average people who become the presenters already have M.A and Ph.D degree and even Professor, whereas we are still in the undergraduate degree level. But we are certain that this event is really beneficial for us to be young researchers in the future. Amien.” Said Briliantoro. Hopefully there will be more YSU students especially FSS students that will engrave their name like Akhmad, Briliantoro and friends who have engraved their name in the student list of International achievement. (Sari)

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