Yogyakarta State University (YSU) students joining Research Student Activity Units were again showing considerable accomplishments in National Student Scientific Paper Competition (LKTIN) 2016 hosted by Semarang State University (13-15/8). The annual event brought the theme of "Science and Technology Optimization and Local Potential Empowerment for Global Competitiveness towards Indonesia Self-Sufficiency". At the event, the YSU delegation was awarded the 3rd place among ten team delegates.

This team consisted of 3 students namely Sayidatul Maslahah (Special Education Department 2014), Okta Lesagia (English Education Department 2014), and Muhammad Lutfil Hakim (Mechatronics Engineering Department 2014) and 1 Supervising Lecturer named Aini Mahabbati, S.Pd. M.A from the Special Education Department. In this occasion, the delegation presented their work of Inclusive Pop Up Book which is capable of being used as teaching media namely in introducing traditional wayang puppets for elementary school children. In this case, the team admitted it was a pride to be in the 3rd place, because their rivals were tough and hard to compete, let’s say Sebelas Maret University, Semarang State University, Diponegoro University, Bangka Belitung University, Riau University, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesian University of Education, Sebelas November Institute of Technology, and Bogor Agricultural Institute.

Sayidatul Maslahah as the Chairperson of the Group explained that to date the inclusive based learning media is still very less. It is based on interviews with the teachers in inclusion based elementary schools. Pop Up media is expected to become a systematic effort to improve the character of the children who are at primary school level, while also being the agents of traditional culture which has great value. Therefore, the delegation of YSU offered this inclusive based learning media.

Thanks to hard work, teamwork, and the support of the parties concerned, the delegations of YSU were able to grab the third position. (sayant)

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