Research Student Activity Unit of YSU got remarkable achievement in 2015 Nasional Reality Writing Competition (RWrC) hosted by REALITY, a Research Student Activity Unit Research of Faculty of Education YSU on Saturda (17/10/2015). In this annual event themed "The Role of Indonesian Young Generation in Optimizing Demographic Dividend in 2020", the YSU team succeeded in grabbing resounding accomplishment, that is, the Runner-up among Top 10 delegates from universities around Indonesia.

The team comprised 3 people and 1 supervising lecturer: Adi Suseno (Special Education 2012) as the Chairman, Sayidatul Maslahah (Special Education 2014), and Vella Liani (Biology 2013) as members, with Aini Mahabbati, s. Pd. M.A. as the supervising lecturer . In this occasion, YSU delegates presented work entitled "Medudi (Media Dua Dimensi/ Two Dimensional Media) as the Media in Mastering English Vocabulary for the Vision Impaired in the Face of 2020 — 2030 Demographic Bonus ".

The two dimensional learning media was modified with a magnetic board and completed with ready-to-arrange words according to the subject taught by teachers at school. Hence, sudents could learn word construction and arrangement as well as its proper pronounciation.

The making of this media was quite laborious, starting from proposal writing, media making, test and validation of the media by expert judge thus the media is ready for presentation.

Given that they had to compete Ganesha University of Education, at the beginning the team was doubtful if they could grab the champion; In fact, Ganesha University of Education was the last year champion in the same competition. However, they could still give the best for YSU. After announced as the Runner up, the team was quite smug, given the other contestans were the teams of respected universities in Indonesia, namely University of Indonesia, Sebelas Maret University, Ganesha University of Education, State Semarang University, and Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University.

Thanks to hard work, teamwork, and the support of the parties concerned, the delegations of UNY were able to grab the 2nd position in this competition. In this occasion, the winner is Sebelas Maret University and the Second Runner Up is Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University. (Vella)

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