YSU Team Won First Prize for Truss Design in a National Competition

YSU Team Won First Prize for Truss Design in a National Competition

YSU team from Design Build Division of the student unit for engineering technology has won the first prize for the truss design category at a national competition held by the Gadjah Mada Civil Engineering Student Association on May 10th-12th 2015 at Gadjah Mada University. The team is named Wisanggeni II of which members are students of YSU Faculty of Engineering studying in the department of Civil Engineering. They are Mahda Rista Octavia, Muslikhatun Umami, and Muhammad Silvanter Sangaji who are supervised by Drs. Darmono, M.T. The competition was also joined by teams of prominent universities in Indonesia that made the competition a tight one.
Mahda, the team leader, said that the truss designed was made of light woods and steel strips for the rods. It is 100 cm in the length and 50 cm of height and able to hold objects up to 290 kgs from the planned weight as much as 300 kgs. “We are glad to gain higher scores than other teams do so that we were able to win the truss design category,” she said.
Their hard work has been paid. The preparation for the competition started from proposal writing, practices for assembling the parts of the truss, until presenting their truss design on the days of competition. “ We put a lot of efforts in preparing for the competition to get the expected results,” Mahda added.
They build their confidence to compete with senior teams from Indonesian prominent universities. Though they were the youngest participants and it was the first time for the team to join the competition, they are able to get satisfactory results.
The team gained second position for the speed in assembling the parts of the truss, despite using manual methods.
The results of the competition were announced on May 12th. Institut Teknologi Surabaya team won the second position, whereas the third position was gained by Universitas Indonesia team. Gadjah Mada University team gained the best team for the innovation category.

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