Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURT) has just launched its racing car, the Formula Garuda 16 (FG-16) at Wisma Djoglo Sleman(15/8). FG16 is an improvement from the previous iteration, the F-15. FG-16 is scheduled to race on 6-10 September 2016 in the Student Formula Japan in Shizuoka Japan. This event will be the meeting ground for the universities team all around the world. Student Formula Japan is one of the 10 series of the Student Formula from all continents in the world under the Society Automotive Engineering (SAE). This event will put the design capabilities from all teams to the test.

The rector of YSU, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA explained that the YSU’s Garuda team has raised the Indonesian flag previously during the 2016 International Student Car Competition at Songsan Myun Hwasungsi, South Korea. “We will not stop in Korea, the team must be ready to race in Japan” said Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA. According to him the students who participate in the race will have a more valuable experience compared to those who have high GPA but inactive in the student organization. The rector wished that the students also pay attention to their study and finish their program as soon as possible, to form a partnership in the industrial world and create a masterpiece.

GURT has delivered and tuned the car’s performance at its best in order to compete. FG-16 has a specification of having total weight of 220 kg, 25 kg lighter than the previous F-15. The FG-16’s frame uses tubular steel space frame and applies Limited Slip Differential (LSD) with the axle shaft made from AISI 4140 steel. This is in order to handle the brute force of the FG-16. Besides, the FG-16’s Engine Control Management System uses Motec M400 ECU completed with traction control and telemetry data recording.

The GURT’s Public relations, Rahmat Hidayat Asri in his release stated that the drive train of the FG-16 uses 6- speed gearbox with double shifter, both electric shifter and manual hand shifter. Using STKM 11 material at the rear section, the Real Bulkhead was casted from Aluminium 7075. FG-16 suspension system applies unequal non parallel link arm with pull rod at the front and push rod at the back. The steering damper uses double barrel equipped with compression and rebound adjuster. “Additional features are anti roll bar with suspension travel sensor, and the braking system has 2 master cylinder with fixed callipers attached to its four wheels” said Yoko, Asri’s nickname.

The body of FG-16 is made from Full Fibre Carbon and for the aerodynamic performance it’s equipped with undertray and diffuser. The application of these materials has reduced the overall car’s weight. FG-16’s ergonomic is enhanced by installing driver seat that is shaped according to the driver’s back, also made from lightweight and durable carbon fibre material. The Steering wheel was also made from the same material and then wrapped with rubber for the comfort. FG-16’s Safety system at the front section uses Impact Attenuator (crash box) made from aluminium which has been put to the test and for the cockpit section is covered with firewall made of aluminium. “With its high specification and the support from all parties, Garuda UNY Racing Team is optimistic to elevate the name of Indonesia in the country of the Rising Sun” said Yoko. (dedy)

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