PBL-HL Model Oriented to Socio- Scientific Issues on the Teaching of Ecosystem to Improve the Conceptual Knowledge and Environmental Literacy of High School Students


Silvi Puspa Widya Lubis
Prof. Dr. I Gusti Putu Suryadarma, MS.
Prof. Dr. Paidi, M.Si.


This study aims to: (1) produce a valid PBL-HL model oriented to socio-science issues to be used in high school biology learning to increase students' contextual knowledge and environmental literacy, (2) reveal the practicality of the PBL-HL model produced above, (3) reveals the effectiveness of the resulting PBL-HL Model learning model. The development model uses the ADDIE model which includes the stages of analysis, design, development, implementation  and evaluation. The test subjects were class X high school students in Aceh Besar District, which is located in a coastal area. Research data to determine the feasibility of the model were analyzed using the Aiken's V formula, and to see the differences and effectiveness of the model on the dependent variable using MANOVA. The results of this study are as follows. (1) The model developed is practically based on a very high category wide trial. The combination of learning models with Acehnese maritime customs and using social science issues that exist in the surrounding environment can benefit students to gain an understanding of subject matter from local cultural values, and increase contextual knowledge and environmental literacy. (3) The developed model is significantly effective in increasing students' conceptual knowledge, and is expected to foster their literacy so that they develop an attitude of loving and caring for the environment.

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