Problem-Based Learning Model (Pbl) with a Naturalist Intelligence Based to Improve Student's Scientific Literacy in Elementary School


Prof. Dr. Suyanta, M.Si.
Prof. Dr. Insih Wilujeng, M.Pd.


Education in Indonesia continues to improve. Improvements  are aimed at aspects of learning innovation. Along with the times, elementary school students are required to have 21st century skills such as scientific literacy. This research is a development research. The focus of located development is on the Problem Based Learning learning model based on naturalist intelligence which is adopted from the Narrative aspect of Multiple Intelligence theory. The purpose of this research is as a form of learning innovation in 4th  grade elementary school students. Teachers as agents of change can also use this research as a variation of innovative learning models. With this research, elementary school students who are the research subjects can improve literacy. The results showed that the Pro-Based Caturalis model produced a valid value with an average result of 84%. The research subject was conducted at 6 elementary schools in the City and Regency of Magelag involving 120 students. Student responses to the implementation  of the majority model in the Good and very good categories. The Pro-Based Caturalis Learning Model can increase the scientific literacy of elementary school students with an average pretest score of 67, which is proven by the posttest score of 82, especially in the matter of changes in energy forms. This result is influenced because the steps of the learning model developed include activities outside the classroom to stimulate students to use all their senses to learn science.

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