The 2nd International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Informatics, and Vocational Education(ICE-ELINVO) 2019

Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 08:00 to 16:45

For the last two decades, the environmental deterioration caused by both human and industry activities has been increasing at alarming level. Numerous efforts have been carried out to alleviate the damage to the environment including the campaign of Green Technology (Greentech) or Clean Technology (Clentech) or Environmental Technology (Envitotech) utilization worldwide.
Greentech is an integration between modern technology and environmental science which is applied to preserve the fulfillment of future community needs without harming the environment. Advanced innovation and education are needed to develop the Greentech. Innovation is set as foundation on invention of environmentally-friendly technological alternatives to meet human needs, while education is channeled as an attempt to improve human awareness in implementing the Greentech which in the long run, leads to a sustainable environment. Therefore, the industries as the inventors of technological innovation and vocational education as the end users of technology must be able to work hand in hand in implementing and evolving the Greentech. This international seminar was initiated to contribute cutting-edge ideas to the Greentech growth.


Advancing Green Technology Application in Industry and Vocational Education

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