The 8th International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI) 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 08:00 to Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 15:00

The ICERI 2020 theme is different from the previous ICERI, which generally emphasizes on research results. ICERI 2020 provides an opportunity for participants to express opinions, in addition to the results of research. Other ideas can also be conveyed. Why? Because ICERI 2020 discusses FREEDOM TO LEARN - FREEDOM CAMPUS which is a new concept presented by Minister of Education Nadiem Makarim.

In addition to being presented face-to-face, ICERI 2020 might possible to be conducted virtually when the condition of the pandemic Covid-19 does not allow for seminars to be held as usual. Contribution of ideas and research results can be delivered in ICERI 2020 so that participants get: enlightenment, triggers of fresh ideas that can be applied, and other alternatives in order to make the implementation of Freedom to Learn - Freedom Campus can run smoothly.

In the 21st century the world of education is faced with the challenges of the megatrend of 2045. Therefore, it cannot be denied that all countries try to move dynamically in order to meet the demands of increasingly complex and unpredictable needs and changing. Consequently, Indonesia as part of this dynamic world must strive to adapt quickly to be able to balance the development of the global world by caring for several key aspects, such as world demographics, global urbanization, geopolitical changes, climate change, changes in natural resources. On the other hand, when life is also moving fast, there will also be geo-economic changes that affect international trade, global finance, and the middle-income class.

In the above context, artificial intelligence emerges which enables the convergence of the digital and physical world, including the Internet of Things, Big Data, individual dynamics, and various services. The impact of this digital
transformation (Survey Report of Deep Shift will Transform Global Society, November 2015, WEF Global Council of the Future of Software and Society agenda) affects three main things: a) work and type of work: work that is
replaced by robots and smart machines that able to work faster than similar devices in the past; the need to learn something new and sustainable; b)updating information and data; skills as basic capital: creative and crossdisciplinary talent; new skills: artificial intelligence, data analysis and 3D printing; new manufacturing and massive adjustments (versus mass production); c) strengthening individual skills: people are generally able and capable of accessing digital networks to master knowledge, be able to communicate with others, and be able to do business.

To prepare staff with the skills mentioned above, the Ministry of Education and Culture conducted a change in spirit of the curriculum with Freedom to Learn - Freedom Campus, which includes primary, secondary, higher education (university and vocational), and community education so that graduates have freedom of study. Independence of learning allows learners at any level to express their dreams and make them come true according to the demands of the times, superior, and resilient.

In higher education, learning is carried out based on study program expertise curriculum, which is varied with student exchange programs, internships/work practices, teaching assistance in education units, research, humanitarian projects, entrepreneurial activities, independent projects, or building villages/thematic real work lectures. In addition, it is also about quality assurance, assessment principles, aspects of assessment, and assessment procedures. Other aspects can also be discussed.

The meeting of researchers with various backgrounds in the scientific forums becomes important to respond to the challenge of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation
(8th ICERI), which a forum which gathers ideas and innovations, especially in educational researches, tries to accomodate this. The eight upcoming ICERI is held on November 4 - 5, 2020 with the umbrella theme of “Freedom to Learn”. The theme is raised to contribute ideas based on opinion and research findings in overcoming the problems of human resources who are still unprepared to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0, in terms of competencies.

The eighth ICERI is aimed at spreading the ideas, experience, and findings of the researches conducted by lecturers, teachers, and researchers to improve the quality of research in determining and developing knowledge.

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