International Virtual Seminar UPT. Layanan Bimbingan Dan Konseling

Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 07:00

Innovation in the guidance and counseling profession is important so that counselors, teachers, or guidance and counseling practitioners can provide optimal services to their counselees. Along with the development of science, creativity and technology in the fields of psychology, education, and guidance and counseling, various innovations and intervention in the implementation of counseling have been carried out. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still on going, various creative interventions in counseling have begun to be widely used. Starting from the use of images for therapy or art therapy, dance movement and the use of other creative media to support the counselee. The need for creative media and innovation in the implementation of counseling is very important at this time, considering that during the pandemic the intensity of face-to-face contact with counselees and counselors is quite limited and most of them use online media. Saturation in the use of online media is also possible to occur a lot, therefore with the existence of creative interventions that can be guided by a virtual counselor, it will be very interesting for the counselee as well as having a therapeutic impact. Therefore, an international seminar was held with the theme creative counseling intervention. This activity can be followed by guidance and counseling teachers, counselors or various other mental health practitioners to increase information and knowledge about creative interventions in counseling. In the end, participants can provide creative and effective counseling services to their counselees.

1. Creative Guidance and Counseling Service
2. Technology and Social Media in Guidance and Counseling
3. Effective Teaching Strategies
4. Assessment, Testing and Program Evaluation in Education
5. Multicultural and Local Wisdom Intervention
6. Child Development and Intervention
7. Educational Management and Organization

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