Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance

Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance (IEDQA) of YSU is a part of the university's main structure. IEDQA is a strategic developer and organizer for education and profession development as
well as educational quality assurance. IEDQA develops and carries out educational and professional development as well as educational quality assurance. It is in charge of developing, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating educational development and quality assurance as well as professional development programs. It has nine centers:
The Center for Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is a series of interrelated process and system to collect, analyze, and report the data on educational and non-educational staff, programs, and performance and quality of institutions. The process identifies the achievement and improvement priority aspects, provides data as the basis for planning and decision-making; and helps build a sustainable quality improvement culture. Quality assurance system is aimed at building service quality to fulfill the stakeholders' satisfaction: students, students' parents, and other stakeholders to produce skilled, competent, and noble graduates.
The Center for Curriculum, Instructional, and Learning Resources
The Center for Curriculum, Instructional, and Learning Resources is a strategic technical unit in the core of YSU Board of Educational Quality Development and Assurance. The center has three divisions, i.e. the curriculum division, the
instructional division, and the learning resource division. To support its duties, a team consisting of representatives of experts from each faculty is commissioned to analyze and develop the curriculum to each study program. Accordingly, to support its roles and duties, the learning resource division is supported by potential and competent technicians: audio, visual, and multimedia programmers.
The Center for Field Teaching Practice and Fieldwork Practice
The Center for Field Teaching Practice and Fieldwork Practice is designed to develop knowledge and build student's competencies to be prospective educators, teachers, or professionals. This center provides the students with real learning experiences (real teaching, real working, real life). The experiences the students' gain will complete the knowledge they obtain in their classes. By taking Field Teaching Practice and Fieldwork Practice (FTP & FP) they are also urged to think analytically, synthetically, and constructively by learning to address any phenomena and challenges they meet in the real life. Such experiences can stimulate the students' development in terms of their academic competence, psychology, social life, personality, and professionalism which will build their character.
The Center for Teacher, Educational Staff, and Non-Educational Professions
Based on the Government Regulation No. 74 year 2008 on Teachers, teachers are required to take a portfolio assessment and in-service teacher education and professional training (PLPG) to gain their teacher certification. Since 2010, YSU has been mandated to organize specialized training for professional school teacher (PPG) for 27 study programs.
The Center for the University Wide Courses
Currently, the Center for the University Wide Courses is responsible for the following courses: Religion Education, Pancasila Education, Civic Education, Demographic and Environmental Education, English, and Basic Natural Science and Global Perspective.
The Center for Career Development
YSU, an institution which develops graduates annually, is morally responsible for guaranteeing that its graduates will soon get jobs. Therefore, it annually organizes soft skill trainings and provides up-to-date job vacancy information. The easy access to the information and the skills they gain from the trainings are expected to get a job easily. Besides, YSU graduates are also expected to be able to create employment.
The Center for Language Training Development
The Center for Language Training Development is a new form of the Institute of Language Service which was established in 1970s. Its previous name, Language Office, was then changed into Language Development and Service Center. Since September 2011, it has been structurally changed into the Center for Language Training Development and is under the governance of IEDQA. This center has three main functions, namely development, service, and training. Furthermore, it builds cooperation with other institutions in YSU as well as other institutions outside through some programs related to English, Indonesian, Javanese, German, and French education and training.
The Center for Character Education and Culture Development
Based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 23 of 2011, Article 79 on the Governance and Administration of YSU, Institute of Development and Educational Quality Assurance, to which the Center for Character Education and Culture Development belong, was established. The aim of establishing this center is to develop prospective pious, noble, smart, highly-integrated, honest, autonomous, and responsible educators and scientists. This center focuses on the development and implementation of character education as well as university academic culture by carrying out the three missions of higher education, good governance culture, student activities, and other university routine programs.
The Center for the Development of Periodicals
This center is mainly responsible for managing the publication of periodicals. Up to the present, this center has published the following journals: Jurnal Kependidikan (Journal of Education) written in Bahasa Indonesia, Journal of Education, COPE/Cakrawala Olah Pikir Edukatif (Teacher Scientific Journal), Jurnal Penelitian Humaniora (Journal of Humanities Research), Jurnal Penelitian Saintek (Journal of Research in Science and Technology) and Jurnal Inovasi dan Aplikasi Teknologi (Journal of Innovation and Technology Application). 
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