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The Institute of Research and Community Service (IRCS) creates innovations in research and community service through its nine research and development centers:


The Center for Early Childhood and Elderly Studies

Focusing on early childhood and elderly issues, this center's concerns are developing and improving quality services for early children in formal and non-formal education as well as for elderly people at state and community houses. The programs of the center of early childhood education are: 

1. Conducting research on early childhood education
2. Carrying out other scientific activities such as seminars and workshops
3. Providing counseling services on early childhood education issues
4. Assisting in professional development in the area of early childhood education 


The Center for Cultural, Regional, and Environmental Research

By cooperating with some departments in the regional and provincial government of Yogyakarta, this center focuses on the cultural, educational, and environmental research. Its programs are designed and implemented on annual basis. The coverage of the programs includes research, social service, seminars and workshops, training of its members and activities in cooperation with other elements of the society.


The Center for Educational Policy and Evaluation

Working on significant issues of education, the center concerns 1) planning and implementing the methodology of educational policy development and 2) developing assessment instruments as well as study and educational assessments, including instruments standardization, adaptation, validation, and calibration. The center also holds fellowship with local government service in initiating new educational policies, responding to educational policies plan, and anticipating society change through making educational policies instruments.


The Center for Primary, Secondary, and Vocational Education Research

The center of elementary and secondary education which was established in 1987 has been participated in researching, developing, evaluating, and applying innovation in the scope of elementary and secondary education based on the local and global views.  Striving to improve educational quality, this center continuously conducts studies on the government's policies and programs. Furthermore, it assists and empowers teachers and other educational practitioners by implementing a policy on the improvement of educational quality in primary, secondary, and vocational education.


The Center for Gender and Women’s Studies

Being aware of women inferiority views in some Indonesian societies, the center’s concerns for improving human resources are applied through programs such as compiling main streaming gender-based profile in various sectors, empowering women in economic and political fields, and creating business incubation for the youth.

The Center for Creativity and Sport Development

Through systematic as well as measurable researches and community development programs, this center enables those with more advanced mastery of science and technology to improve their competences. This center consists of two groups of studies, the creativity and sport studies. The first one focuses on conducting some programs such as consultation and education for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, employees, and civil servants, whereas the second group concerns seminars, discussions, training, research, community service, certification, and publication.


The Center for Research Implementation and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

To implement the university's three main services in education, research, and community service, the center conducts researches and community services oriented to intellectual property rights, improves institutional cooperations, and facilitates the intellectual property rights management for the university members and community.


 The Center for Entrepreneurship Development

To answer global challenges on economy and business, the center strives to educate and train entrepreneurs for community empowerment by developing student and society entrepreneurship, as well as empowering societies through programs which are based on their potentials.

The Center for Community Service Management and Integrated Regional Development

To ensure that students gain real learning and working experience, this center combines the implementation of the three main missions of higher education: education, research, and community service and community service programs.



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