Internal Supervisory Unit





Abdullah Taman, SE.Ak.,M.Si., C.A.

Head of the Internal Supervisory Unit

Aris Sulistiono, S.Pd. T., M.Sc.

Secretary of the Internal Supervisory Unit


A Brief History

The UNY Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI) was established on March 1, 2009. The UNY Internal Supervisory Unit is a university organ that carries out supervisory functions in the non-academic field for and on behalf of the Rector. The scope of supervision in the non-academic field includes: (1) the financial, (2) the asset, and (3) the personnel. The Internal Supervisory Unit consists of 5 (five) members with the following composition of expertise: (1) accounting/finance, (2) human resource management, (3) asset management, (4) legal, and (5) ) management field.


Making the Internal Supervisory Unit professional and independent, providing added value and improving UNY's performance in the non-academic field, as well as overseeing the creation of "good university governance" to achieve UNY's goals based on piety, independence, and scholarship.

The assignment of responsibilities

In carrying out the supervisory function, the Internal Supervisory Unit has the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Establish internal control policies for non-academic fields;

2. Carry out internal supervision of the management of non-academic education;

3. Conclude the results of internal control;

4. Report the results of internal supervision to the Rector and ;

5. Submit suggestions and considerations regarding improving the management of non-academic activities to the Rector based on the results of internal supervision.

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