University Emblem


a)    The Shape of the Emblem
The shape of the emblem is a pentagonal lotus with a dark blue background.

b)    The Use of the Emblem
The university emblem is used on the banners of the university, the faculties, and the graduate school. It is also shown in official documents such as diplomas, resolutions, formal invitations from the university, as well as official items such as coats and “pedel” sticks.

c)    The Lettering and Colors of the Emblem
The lettering "Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta" is written in the font Lucida Fax Bold. The color composition is blue (C: 91, M: 95, Y: 0, K: 0), yellow (C: 0, M: 0, Y: 100, K: 0), green (C: 100, M: 0, Y: 100, K: 0), and red (C: 0, M: 100, Y: 0, K: 0).

The Meaning of the University Emblem

a. The Shape of the Base
The lotus is shaped in a pentagonal “padma”, which symbolizes "Pancasila" as the five state principles of Indonesia. Inside the lotus' borderline, the yellow-colored line is used to symbolize glory.



b. The Background Color
Blue is a neutral color which symbolizes the depth of soul, strength, wisdom, stability, and calmness.  It  shows that higher education must be carried out with deep thought, wisdom, and stability.


c. The Lettering "Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta"
The lettering "Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta", along with the calligraphy "UNY", forms a circle which symbolizes the shape of a globe.



d. The Yellow Wings
This shape symbolizes the development of the university's programs in the national, regional, and international levels. The wings form a shape of harps which symbolizes the development of culture.

e. The Picture of ‘Tugu’
The picture of ‘Tugu’ (pillar) here is a deformation of ‘Tugu’ Yogyakarta (the white pillar monument of Yogyakarta) as the characteristic of this city. Besides representing technology, ‘Tugu’ also symbolizes the academic community's firmness in carrying out Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi (the university’s three main responsibilities of education, research, and community service).

f. On the Picture of ‘Tugu’
      • A ‘mustaka’ (head) in a fire-like shape, which is red in color and is split into three symbolizes Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi  (the university’s three main responsibilities of education, research, and community service)
      • The stairs, chest, and body of ‘Tugu’ symbolize education.
      • The bottom part of ‘Tugu’, which is in the shape of stairs, symbolizes the levels of education.



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