Post date: 13/06/2019 - 13:09

Indonesia has rich traditional fabrics such as batik and lurik from Yogyakarta or gringsing and endek from Bali. Along with the traditional woven fabrics, there are modernized fabric manufacturers that produced printed batik and linen. It allows faster production process compared with traditional woven fabrics. To keep people interest on traditional woven fabrics, a team of UNY students designed the Eco Culture Fashion which gave a new feel to traditional weaving that woven fabrics do not have in general. The team consists of Khoir Nur Arifah (Management Study Program), Ahmad Febriyanto (Education Policy Study Program), Dwi Martanti Cahya Imani (Accounting Study Program) and Miftahul Annisah Nurfitria and Chomsatun Rispa Cendana (Fashion Engineering Education Study Program).

According to Khoir Nur Arifah, Eco Culture Fashion applied surrounding plants such as shrubs or wild plants which are arranged to form a certain motif...

Post date: 11/06/2019 - 16:29

Personal hygiene is the first step to support a healthy life style. To ensure better application for personal hygiene, it is important for parents or the community to set the example. For student with mental deficiency, maintaining personal hygiene can be challenging. For this reason, UNY students developed a Personal Hygiene Smart Box as a medium for personal hygiene learning.

Imelda Sari, Valentinus Yoga Wirantoro and Fauzi Fandy Setiawan made this tool to help student with mental deficiency to learn appropriate, concrete, and integrated personal hygiene learning. "One form of developmental barriers in adaptive behaviour for children with mental deficiency is self-development" said Imelda. "The scope of self-development for children intellectual barriers includes caring for themselves, taking care of themselves, communicating, socializing, life skills, and using leisure time".

Personal hygiene is a part of caring for...