UNY Rector, Prof. Sumaryanto, received forty-two UNY lecturers and education staff who had completed their master and doctoral studies in the re-admission ceremony for lecturers and education staff on Friday (31/12)

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Margana said the current number of lecturers at UNY is 1242, while those with doctoral degrees are 449 people. "There are 453 people who are continuing their doctoral studies and 340 people who have not had their doctoral degrees," said Margana. The number of education staff is 816 people with 397 civil servants and 419 contract workers. Fifteen education staff are currently studying for doctoral degrees, and 72 are studying for masters. In addition, 62 people are studying for bachelor's degrees, and 57 people are studying for diploma degrees.

"We want to contribute and bring new ideas after being re-admitted to our respective work units," said Muslihin, M.Pd, Ph.D, as a representative of UNY lecturers who graduated from the Southern of Taiwan University Science and Technology. "Master's studies are like sprinting, while doctoral studies are marathons. Marathon running requires very long preparation so that it requires strategy, stamina, endurance, and sufficient provisions, one lesson that can be taken is that the winner is a continuous process, with the key of being patient and persevering, it will give great results.,” said Muslihin. (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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