In Collaboration with Ohio State University, YSU holds a Workshop on E-teaching

    In Collaboration with Ohio State University, YSU holds a Workshop on E-teaching

Online courses have been considered as an important change in today’s education. Therefore, Yogyakarta State University collaborated with Ohio State University to held a Workshop on E-teaching in Technology Laboratory from Monday to Friday (11-15/05/2015).
In his opening speech of this workshop, Rector YSU, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A., encouraged the participants to be actively involved in the workshop. “I hope all participants are encouraged to be actively involved in this important workshop so that it can be implemented in their teaching and learning process with the students,” said Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A.
The workshop which was joined by 26 lecturers in YSU invited Dr. David Stein from Ohio State University as the instructor. During the workshop, David shared the basic skills in planning, managing, facilitating and assessing learner performance in online courses. In addition, he helped the participants to get started as an online instructor through readings, presentations, discussions, and challenging learning tasks.
The first day was started with a warm discussion about the introduction and thoughts on online-based teaching. The participants were also expected to prepare to teach online and to describe ways to manage time and establish relatinships on online-based teaching.
On the second day, the participantas prepared and planned the online learning environment. In addition, David was encouraged the participants to develop learner interaction spaces and guided the discussion about blended learning.
The workshop session on the third day was on creating the online module. David guided the participants to create an online modul called Start Here and write a course welcome message on the course site. On the last day, the participants developed an assessment instrument for the course.
“I gain an important knowledge about the concept and how to create online learning environment,” said Ciptono, M.Si., one of the participants.
David hoped that the participants are able to gain knowledge and maximum benefits from this workshop. “I hope they are able to understand the roles of students in the online teaching environment, to design appropriate activities for an online learning environment and to develop a module to teach online,” said David.

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