The open dissertation defense for doctoral promotion in the Graduate School of YSU was held on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at the Graduate School hall of YSU. Suswanto, M.Pd., as the dissertation defender, explained the findings of his research entitled “Pendidikan Humanis Berbasis Kultur Sekolah Dasar Tumbuh 1 Yogyakarta (Culture-Based Humanistic Education in Elementary School Tumbuh 1 Yogyakarta)” before the board of examiners, namely Prof.Dr. Zuhdan K. Prasetyo, M.Ed., Dr. Siti Irene Astuti D., Prof. Darmiyati Zuchdi, Ed.D., and Prof. Irwan Abdullah, Ph.D

The background of his research  emphasized the currently implemented education policy which does not consider the learners as unique and independent individuals. The common learning process in most elementary schoolis not student centered learning and the teachers still dominate the process. Consequently, it results in uneffective education process. In addition, the perspective saying that the learners are considered as the empty glass fulfilled by the teachers appears as the common phenomenon.

“At the one side, the learners are restrained by the elementary common culture so that they are not able to free their ideas,” Suswanto said.

“At the other side, several schools do not consider that their behavior culture, artefacts, verbal messages, and values are able to improve their qualities,” he added.

Through his research, which was under the supervision of promotors, Prof. Dr. Sodiq A. Kuntoro and Prof. Suyata, Ph.D., Suswanto suggested the consideration of the implementing humanistic education values in the learning process and the school culture development.

The implementation of the learning process values lay on the education approaches, methods, and learning processes, whereas the school culture development humanistic values lay on the school activities which contains positive elements of the culture accustomed by the school members.   

“There are positive and negative effects on the humanistic education values given to the learners. The values are considered positive because they will be able to learn independently and creatively, whereas empasizing the values on the teaching and learning process can also have negative effects because students will not be ready for any exams,” he stated.

The board of examiners stated that Suswanto had successfully defended his dissertation. Therefore, he added the list of graduates of the doctoral program from the Graduate School of YSU. (Rb)


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