Endah Secures a Master Scholarship to Study at a UK University

Endah Secures a Master Scholarship to Study at a UK University

Endah Tri Anomsari, an alumnus of the Public Administration Study Program, has secured a master scholarship to University of Manchester from LPDP program (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education). The Fund awards the scholarships in four periods every year and she got it in the fourth period (November-December) of 2014.

“There are different types of scholarships available. I enrolled for regular BPI (Indonesia Education Scholarship) to University of Manchester and I can make it. Now, I am waiting for the Education Preparation and obligatory training before signing the scholarship.” she said.

The awardees should pass several steps including administration and essay assessment, Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD), and interview. In addition, they should meet minimum GPA of 3.0, minimum TOEFL score of 500 (domestic universities) and 550 (universities abroad) or LoA from one of the designated educational institutions.

The scholarship is awarded to Indonesian prospective leaders. Therefore, the applicants should be able to show their experience and leadership skill. “I was actively involved in various student organizations and a national writer community. I wrote several short stories which was published in the publication of a national writing competition anthology ,” she added.
Endah said that essays were used to promote the awardee. There are three essays about personal quality development, study program understanding and study plan. They should show the applicants’ integrity and originality.

There will be three interviewers and they will ask questions about your study plan, your background, future goals, what you think about yourself and so on. “Showing your confidence is the key to pass LGD and the interview. So, just highlight your ability and pluses,” she said.
LPDP has been gaining more applicants recently and it seeks higher quality of the applicants. “Intention and effort are the most important weapons to secure this scholarship. Therefore, plan it well!” she closed. (Endah)

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