Meaningful chemical literacy for high school students


Currently, chemical literacy has become an important issue to discuss. Educating learners about literacy's benefits is a significant goal for educators, scientists, and curriculum policymakers. Chemical literacy is essential for students because it equips them to make decisions, makes them more critical and creative, and helps them solve everyday problems or natural phenomena based on their knowledge.

From the importance of chemical literacy at this time, Faiz Ilham Pratama, S.Pd. (Chemistry Education Masters Student) accompanied by Prof. Dr. Eli Rohaeti, M.Si, as the thesis supervisor and conducted a study titled "Senior High School Students' Chemical Literacy Ability on Chemical Equilibrium: A Case of Coral Reefs Topic". This research aims to determine the chemical literacy profile of high school students on chemical equilibrium material.

Faiz revealed that the result of this research was a scientific article that was submitted at the 10th International Conference on Research Implementation and Education of Mathematics and Science 2023 (ICRIEMS 2023) organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta and received the title of "Best Presenter" in the Chemistry Education category.

"The result of this research is that the profile of chemical literacy skills of high school students is at a moderate level (61.3125%). Educational modifications such as using chemical literacy-based learning media, using appropriate strategies, and developing chemical literacy questions are needed to improve the chemical literacy skills of high school students," he said. (Author: Witono, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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