Parade of theatrical performances by Juniors of French Language Education Department


The Faculty of Languages and arts proves itself to be the best place for students to explore their artistic and linguistic potentials. At the beginning of 2015, the faculty has provided juniors of French Language Education Department to perform their theatrical shows at the auditorium of Institut Français d'Indonésie, Yogyakarta. The room was packed with people who hold synopses of the stories performed in French. The parade of theatrical performances started at 7.30. pm and included Au Secours, Le Médecin Malgré Lui, Ondé Ondé Lumut, and, Madame Déficit.
Though not all of plays are written by French writers, the audience were captivated by the performances.
Au Secours, a surealist play, gave a creative touch and unpredictable moves along with unusual make up. The slighty serious but humorous play was written by juniors of the French Language Education Department in class K.
The next theatre, Le Médecin Malgré Lui by Molière (a French writer), was given a taste of comedy by the students of class F.
Another play was adopted from Indonesian folklore entitled Ande-Ande Lumut. Performed in French, the legendary folktale was all but a delightful theatre called Onde-Onde Lumut with an easy-to-understand plot and beautiful dances.
A fragment of Marie Antoinnette play was staged by class E students as Madame Déficit theatre. The students regaled the audience with a passionate yet sorrowful story.
The teathers have been soul nurturing plays which conveyed lessons of life. Adding to the impressions from the audience is Ghani Naufal S. “The audience had to alternately sit on the seats between plays and we hope that the perfomances were satisfactory and memorable.”

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