The collaborative research approach is to enrich and produce more comprehensive research, as an effort to balancing the rapid development of science and technology which is multi discipline. The chairman of Institute of Research and Community Service Universitas Terbuka (LPPM UT) offering a research collaboration and community service to the chairman of Association for Indonesian Teacher Education Institution (ALPTKNI). This collaboration opportunity is part of MoU implementation between the  Institute of Research and Community Service UT and Institute of Research and Community Service ALPTKNI. UNY itself has become one of the members of 12 Indonesia University at ALPTKNI.

To answer this opportunity,  LPPM UNY organize “Socialization  for Research Collaboration and Community Service with Universitas Terbuka” on Tuesday, 11th February 2020 in the meeting room 1st floor of  LPPM UNY building by inviting UNY research lectures.

“The focus offered by Universitas Terbuka (UT) is multi/inter/trans discipline scientific field which relevant with 4 majors Faculties in Universitas Terbuka (UT). The relevant  faculties are Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Laws, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and Faculty of Science and Technology. It is prefereable to have research related with local Indonesian content and the  Excellence of UT, especially in the field of Open and Distance Learning) in form of  Online Learning Pedagogy , Online Learning Platform, Learning Tools Interoperability, Online Learning Credential, Open Educational Resources, Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCS), Virtual, Augmented and Extended Reality, Learning Analytics and Online Assesment”, said the chairman of LPPM UNY Prof. Dr. Suyanta, M.Si., which is refers to the offer from LPPM UT.

“While for the community service are focusing with the approachments on[1] utilization of resources that produce appropriate (simple) technology, [2] development and improvement of the quality of human resources through training and guidance programs, and [3] empowerment of human resources and resource facilities and land to produce some works successfully used and promoted ", He continued.

LPPM UT offered 120 proposals to ALPTKNI consist of 12 (twelve) state university, each LPPM ALPTKNI could propose 10 (ten) collaborative research proposals. Funding from the UT LPPM can reach Rp 100 million each. The Chairman of LPPM UNY encouraged the audience to send more proposals for better opportunity  to conduct collaborative research..

LPPM UNY Secretariat Prof. Dr. Siti Irene Astuti D., M.Sc., gave the appreciations for those who attends. "All of you can submit proposals, and have the same opportunity. Proposals can be sent to LPPM UNY via e-mail (via email) no later than Thursday, February 13, 2020," she said. (hty/ags, Tj.farrastania)

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