UNY 2023 Photography Competition - theme: Capturing the Freedom of Learning in the Harmony of Indonesian Diversity


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta held a Photography Competition with the theme "Photographing Freedom of Learning in the Harmony of Indonesian Diversity." The competition is divided into two categories: students and the general public. This competition was opened on May 22, 2023. Based on the assessment process by the jury, the results of the participants' work were announced with a media Zoom meeting on Friday, 7/14/23. Aran Handoko, M.Sn., Nur Pinto Hadi, and Dwi Prasetyo Budi Santosa were acting as judges.

The Chairman of the Committee, Rio Christy Handziko, M.Pd., reported that the photography competition was attended by 102 people with 71 participants from the student category and 31 from the general category. For the winners, this is an encouragement for everyone. As for those who have not won, it does not mean their work is not good, but we are looking for the best.

Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY, Prof. Dr. Ariswan, M.Si., in his speech, said this competition is a series of activities for the 59th Anniversary of UNY. This competition is the first anniversary after UNY became PTNBH. This competition makes the interaction between UNY and the community more pronounced. This competition needs to be preserved to benefit the community.

"This Photography Competition is a place to express our ability/potential. Photography, if practiced, can become professional. If the photo results are good, the price can be high," continued the Dean.

The following are the winners of the Photography competition for the student category. The first winner was Ubait Hakim Nursyahbandi from Jember University, the second winner was M Ainun Shihab (Yogyakarta State University), and the third winner was Gita Amalia Kusumawati (Kawung 2 High School). Meanwhile, the general category was won by Vendi RTiski Kesworo, 2nd place by Sandy Anwar Mursito, and 3rd place by I Made Adi Dharmawan.(Author: Witono, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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