A robot team from Yogyakarta State University (YSU) once again obtained a remarkable achievement in Indonesian Robot Contest Regional III 2016 in Imam Bardjo Auditorium, Diponegoro University Semarang on 21-23 April 2016. YSU was competing with other 30 universities in Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Province, and Kalimantan. Those teams passed the elimination stage previously in their respective province.

YSU robot team successfully grabbed several titles in this competition. MAESTRO_EVO team won the 1st place in ABU Indonesia Robot Contest, and then Best Design and Best Strategy in the same category.

GARENK PUNK team was announced the Runner up of Legged Fire Extinguisher Robot, while AL-’ADIYAAT team won the 2nd place in Football Robot. ROSMERY team was awarded Runner up of Dance Robot and Tim MOBO_EVO was positioned 5th place of Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Robot.

The winner of Indonesian Robot Contest Regional III would be invited to the next stage in National Indonesian Robot Contest on 1 – 4 June 2016 in State Electrical Engineering Polytechnic Surabaya (PENS).

Wahidin Wahab in his capacity as the Chief of the Jury stated that from year to year, the theme became more complicated and forced the participants to advance more ideas and creativity by applying their knowledge. Wahidin extended his wishes that students can learn technology further and then apply it to their robot. (no.name-FT)

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