To support its quality improvement, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) has established cooperation with both domestic and international parties. Therefore, through the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships under the leadership of the Vice-Rector for Cooperation Affairs, YSU invites all interested partners to cooperate in order to build a wide and strong network worldwide as well as achieve mutual benefits in this fast-changing world.

For the international partners, the cooperation is possible to be conducted in various programs and activities such as double degree, joint research, joint publication, credit transfer, guest lecturing, student exchange, student sit-in, staff exchange, short course, and Bahasa Indonesia course. Meanwhile, for the domestic partners, the possible programs and activities are new student admission through cooperation track, scholarships for educators and educational personals, sending experts to deliver trainings and workshops, management of the campus facilities, giving aids in the drafting of the local government’s policies, development and empowerment of the local resources, poverty reduction, etc. 

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