University Senate


The Senate is the highest normative and representative body at Yogyakarta State University. It gives advice to the Rector in making academic policies and supervises the implementation of these policies. It has five committees: (1) education and teaching, (2) research and community service, (3) student affairs, (4) partnership affairs, as well as (5) educational development and quality assurance.

Prof. Dr. Zamzani, M.Pd.
The Head of YSU Senate
Dr. Nasiwan, M.Si
Secretary of YSU Senate

Dr. Lantip Diat Prasojo, ST., M.Pd.

(Head of Commission A)

Dr. Yudik Prasetyo, S.Or., M.Or.

(Secretary of  Commission A)

Prof. Dr. Farida Hanum, M.Si.

(Head of Commission B)

Drs. Jaslin Ikhsan, M.App.Sc., Ph.D

(Secretary of  Commission B)

Prof. Dr. Achmad Dardiri, M.Hum.

(Head of Commission C )

Dr. Abdul Alim, S.Pd.Kor., M.Or.

(Secretary of  Commission C)

Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A

(Head of Commission D)

Setyabudi Indartono, M.M., Ph.D.

(Secretary of  Commission D)

Prof. Dr. Muhyadi

(Head of Commission E )

Dr. Sudiyatno, M.E.

(Secretary of  Commission E)



    Give consideration to the academic norms proposed by the Rector
    Give consideration to the code of ethics of the academics proposed by the Rector
    Overseeing the application of academic norms and ethics codes for academicians
    Give consideration to the academic provisions prepared by the Rector regarding the following matters:
    a. study program curriculum
    b. academic requirements for awarding academic degrees
    c. academic requirements for awarding academic awards
    Supervise the policies and implementation of the Rector's academic policies
    Supervise the application of academic provisions
    Supervise policies and implementation of tertiary quality assurance refers to the National Education Standards
    Supervise and evaluate the achievement of the learning, research, and community service process by referring to the benchmarks set out in the strategic plan, and suggesting improvements to the Rector
     Supervise the implementation of academic freedom, freedom of academic pulpit, and scientific autonomy
    Supervise the implementation of academic rules
    Supervise the implementation of lecturer performance appraisal policies
    Give consideration to giving or revoking academic titles and awards
    Give consideration to the Rector in the proposal of the professor
    Give consideration to the Rector in the appointment of the Deputy Chancellor and director / assistant director of the postgraduate program
    Recommend sanctions for violations of norms, ethics, and academic regulations carried out by the academic community to the Rector


Membership of the Senate consists of:

    The Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans, Director of the Postgraduate Program, Chair of the Research and Community Service Institution, Chair of the Development and Quality Assurance Agency for Education, and Chair of the Business Management and Development Agency
    (Two) representatives of faculty lecturers who not professors.



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