University Senate


The Senate is the highest normative and representative body at Yogyakarta State University. It gives advice to the Rector in making academic policies and supervises the implementation of these policies. It has five committees: (1) education and teaching, (2) research and community service, (3) student affairs, (4) partnership affairs, as well as (5) educational development and quality assurance.

Prof. Dr. Zamzani, M.Pd.
The Head of YSU Senate
Prof. Dr. Marsigit, M.A
Secretary of YSU Senate

Prof. Darmiyati Zuchdi, Ed.D. 

(Head of Commission A)

Prof. Dr. Wawan S. Suherman, M.Ed.

(Secretary of  Commission A)

Prof. Sukardi, Ph.D

(Head of Commission B)

Prof. Dr. Sri Atun, M.Si.

(Secretary of  Commission B)

Prof. Dr. Sodiq A. Kuntoro

(Head of Commission C )

Prof. Dr. Sukadiyanto

(Secretary of  Commission C)

Prof. Dr. Muhyadi

(Head of Commission D)

Prof. Dr. Pratomo Widodo

(Secretary of  Commission D)

Prof. Suparwoto, M.Pd.

(Head of Commission E )

Dr. Muh. Farozin

(Secretary of  Commission E)




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