Aromatherapy Candle from Coconut Oil


Coconuts found in Indonesia provide many benefits. Coconuts, used for various purposes, including making oil, can also be used as aromatherapy candles made from coconut oil. This product is what UNY Vocational students did in Bojong 3 Panjatan Kulonprogo. They are Reza Al-Faruqi, Citra Ramadhani, Wina Nurlita Putri, Elva Khusna, Agista Adfah Pramesti, Qanita Diza Astuti, Hanamel Ananta, Anggie Lusiana Devi and Nadia Syalwa.

According to Reza Al-Faruqi, they utilize the coconut potential in the area because the Bojong 3 community does not use the existing potential. "They only sell the products such as coconut fruit, coconut leaves, coconut skin, and so on. Rarely do they process the coconut into oil," he said on Monday (19/6). Coconut oil benefits health, including reducing belly fat, healing wounds, and even treating inflammation. The fragrant aroma of coconut can be used as aromatherapy that calms babies. This is the basis for making aromatherapy candles made from coconut oil.

The person in charge of the activity, Anggie Lusiana Devi, said the candle uses coconut oil as an additional ingredient and coconut pulp as decoration. "In addition, these aromatherapy candles can be a business idea for the people of Bojong 3 village," she said. Aromatherapy candles have many benefits, such as relieving stress, calming the mind, as room decoration, and can be a light source when the electricity is out.

The training was conducted for teenagers in Bojong 3, especially the girls, who participated enthusiastically. They made aromatherapy candles by creating as they liked with the tools and materials provided. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak

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