Various attempts have been made by UniversitasNegeri Yogyakarta to earn the position as a World Class University (WCU). One of the attempt is to get international accreditation from ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities). In Batch 2, the ASIC Inspector who conducted the assessment of the study program at UNY consisted of Lee Hammond and Osman Suleman. Lee Hammond is the CEO of ASIC who has expertise in the fields of Education Management, Staff Development, Educational Leadership, Quality Assurance and Higher Education. Meanwhile, Osman Suleman is the CEO of Thongsook College's International Program.

On this inspection, Lee and Osman conducted  assessment of four Study Programs (Study Programs) at the Faculty of Social Sciences) UNY consisting of Geography Education, Historical Education, Social Sciences Education, and Sociology Education. The assessment by ASIC inspectors was held on Thursday (19/9/2019) after previously also conducted an assessment on 11 UNY Postgraduate Study Programs namely Education Management (master and doctoral degree), Educational Research and Evaluation (master and doctoral degree), Vocational Education (master and doctoral degree), Educational Technology, Guidance and Counseling, Applied Linguistic, Social Sciences Education, and Sport Sciences.

Components assessed by ASIC inspectors include Premises, Health, and Safety; Government, Management and Staff Resources; Learning, Teaching and Research Activities; Quality Assurance and Enhancement; Student Welfare; Award and Qualification; Marketing and Recruitment; and System Management.

ASIC inspector's assessment at Faculty of Social Sciences begins with interviews with leaders such as the Dean, Deputy Dean, Head of Division, Head of Subdivision and Head of Study Program. "We have come here to see the extent of learning practices, administrative management, and other important aspects on this campus to ensure that this campus meets the required standards," Osman explained

In addition to the leadership at FIS, Lee and Osman also conducted interviews with lecturers, students, alumni at Faculty of Social Sciences UNY. Some questions raised related to comfort during activities on campus, safety procedures, safety support facilities and so forth. On the same occasion, Lee and Osman also observed learning at the FIS, inspected supporting documents, and conducted a site visit that was visiting and seeing first hand some facilities at the FIS such as laboratories, departments and canteens. (Eko)

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