Apkasi Collaborates with UNY to Improve the Quality of Human Resources


Vice-Rector for Academic and Students' Affairs Prof. Siswantoyo accompanied by Vice-Rector for Research, Cooperation, Information Systems and Business Prof. Margana welcomed the arrival of the Board of Trustees of Apkasi (Association of Regency Governments throughout Indonesia) Drs. Sokhiatulo Laoli, MM accompanied by expert staff in the field of Apkasi education at the Rectorate of UNY. On this occasion, Sokhiatulo Lauli said that he came to UNY to follow up on the MoU that had been signed between UNY and Apkasi. "UNY and Apkasi collaborate with the regions to improve human resources in Indonesia," he said. According to the Regent of Nias for the 2011-2021 period, there must be a breakthrough and movement to cooperate between the educational field in Indonesia and the regions, therefore Apkasi came to UNY to discuss steps in implementing the program so that it can gradually get out of being underdeveloped. In the future, it is necessary to concretize the superior program that can be cooperated with Apkasi.

Siswantoyo revealed that cooperation through improving the quality of human resources is the main target for accelerating development in their respective regions. "One of them is through further studies," said Siswantoyo on Tuesday (14/2). The Vice Rector also targeted scholarships as a way to improve the quality of human resources. Sokhiatulo Laoli agreed that scholarships for government officials and the general public would be able to improve the quality of human resources, of course with the support of universities in Indonesia at the initiation of Apkasi. Sokhiatulo Laoli explained that if every region in Indonesia allocates scholarships for just 10 students each year then the benefits are extraordinary, with a minimum cost.

On its official website, it is stated that Apkasi has important tasks aimed at enhancing the role of regional autonomy at the district level to run properly, has a strong passion for developing its region and has a strategic partnership between the central government and the district government. The tasks of Apkasi include facilitating the interests of the district government in the administration of government in the region according to the principle of regional autonomy. According to the basis of its formation in 2000, Apkasi has the main task as a provider of Advocacy, Mediation and Facilitation for district governments with the central government and other agencies according to the principle of regional autonomy. While its function is as a critical and strategic partner of the government in the formulation of national policies on regional government, a facilitator in promoting regional interests and aspirations to the government, facilitating inter-regional cooperation in order to increase capacity and develop economic potential, facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and experience between local governments, encouraging the promotion of regional potential to improve local branding in order to face regional and global competition and as a government partner in the dissemination and socialization of various laws and regulations, as well as policies in the area of regional autonomy. (Writer: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Translator : Ira)

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