Firda Setia Nanda wins silver medal at WSC-ASEAN 2023


The World Skill Competition-ASEAN (WSC-ASEAN) competition is a prestigious event at the ASEAN region level that brings together the best participants from various countries to compete in various fields of expertise and industry. In this event, Firda Setia Nanda, a UNY Fashion Engineering Education study program student, represented Indonesia in the Textile Design discipline competition.

With enthusiasm and honed skills, Firda stood out in the entire series of competitions. She showed outstanding creativity and technical accuracy in designing various textile motifs from the preliminary to the final round. Her achievements in creating innovative works caught the judges' attention, and she scored high among the other participants.

"I am very grateful and happy for this result. Preparing for WSC-ASEAN was not easy, but the support from my family, friends, and lecturers gave me great encouragement. Representing Indonesia is a great honour and responsibility for me. Hopefully, this achievement can inspire other colleagues to dare to compete and pursue their dreams," she said.

Firda Setia Nanda's achievement in the World Skill Competition-ASEAN (WSC - ASEAN) 2023 proves that Indonesia has talents and abilities that are not inferior to other countries in the ASEAN region. Hopefully, this brilliant achievement will be the first step for Firda to record even higher achievements in the future. (Author: Tri M., Editor: Dedy Tj.lak)

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