As an attempt to monitor and evaluate young national athletes of Indonesia, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) is committed to support potential development of Indonesian athletes, both inside and outside the field of play. The commitment is reflected from the opening of a special class to accommodate the learning process of U-19 national team players in the Sport Coaching Education, Faculty of Sport Science (FSS). The team belongs to Class D and have taken 30 credits so far. In the beginning, the class accommodated 20 students, but along the process, 6 of them withdrew from the class, leaving only 14 active students.

Housed in RKU room, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A. as YSU rector invited students of U-19 National Team who also join several professional football clubs in Indonesia. The agenda was held during the preparation of National Conference of Indonesian Rector Forum. This occasion accommodated monitoring and evaluation of the student learning process recently.

Attending the agenda were also the Dean of FSS, Vice Dean I, Vice Dean II, and Vice Dean III, and also Chairman of the Study Program. The Rector is pleased and feels the pride of being involved in managing and developing potentials of young football athletes in Indonesia. He urged those young professionals to seek for and sharpen their intellectual competence in addition to regular training on the field. The Rector also suggested that the idea to manage and develop the professional athletes is based on his experience when studying in the US. In the country, young potential athletes are monitored since high school. “We hope athletes are not only great in the field, but also have excellent thoughts. Thus, I urge you guys to have good management in spending time between study and regular training as a professional. “My greatest gratitude goes to the current and former Dean and Vice Deans of Faculty of Sport Science, YSU,” he added.

In the same agenda, Dinan Yahdian Javier as the Class Chairman, representing his classmates, is pleased and thanks for all the chances and totality given by YSU in facilitating their study in the university. He recently is recruited by Mitra Kukar, one of football clubs based in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. He then expressed his hope that all of the members of U-19 National Team could graduate from the university. (Satya Perdana)

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