Graduating in 3.5 years amidst busy research activities


Ilham Alfrizal Akbar, a student of UNY's Physics study program, graduated Cumlaude. "The upbringing of my parents and organizational experience during my school days helped shape my character and mindset. I believe that success is achieved through prayer, luck, strategy, and hard work. It is very important for us not to be lazy, focus on studies and organizations, and maintain consistency in carrying out strategies for success," said Ilham.

During his time at UNY, Ilham was quite active in the field of Student Creativity Research (PKM). One of the results of his participation in the field of research produced the product Belia Mist. The product is a face mist made from belimbing wuluh fruit extract mixed with aloe vera and honey, which has the benefits of overcoming acne, moisturizing the face, and making the face bright.

Ilham's success is proof that being busy outside of studies does not hinder the target of graduating quickly. "Good time management, a special action plan, consistency, and hard work are the keys," Ilham said. (Author: Debi Pranata and Rakha Wijaya Pramadan, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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