The case of sexual abuse experienced by children and teenagers becomes increasingly worrying. The data released by Yayasan Kita and Buah Hati foundation indicates 67% of 2.818 elementary school children admitted they have ever accessed porn sites on the internet. In addition, Indonesia Child Protection Commission conducted a survey among 100 teenagers aged 14 – 18 and 30% of them have made sexual intercouse.

This draws much attention from parents in controlling and education their kids. There must be an attempt to cut down this issue, thus preventing the same case to happen in the society.

As a flash back, the case may appear in the surface as children and teenagers did not get sexual education before and were not instilled good character at the early age. Besides, most parents do not realize that their children are committed to such sexual abuse.

This issue raises awareness of some students from Faculty of Education, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) named Sischa Ariesta and Andika Karisma Putra from Counselling Education, and Puji Nur Hidayat, Guscipto and Realita Mahanani from Elementary School Teacher Education. They initiated making media, namely a guide book to introduce sexual education (Kuku Pesek), to prevent sexual abuse and violence while providing information to parents on the need of sexual education.

Sischa suggested now is the right time for parents to be more open in talking about sexual matters; otherwise, their children would be too curios so that they find the information on sexuality by themselves, that may be inappropriate with norms and morality. “By discussing sexual matters with kids, we already help them develop their sexual behaviors while transferring the knowledge of responsible sexuality”, she argued.

Puji Nur Hidayat revealed information about sexuality should be delivered directly from parents to their children as a form of care and affection. “Sexual education at the earlier age is worth in the child’s growth stage. Parents can do this by answering the questions of kids regarding sexuality with honesty but must be adapted to their age”.

In addition to developing media, those students conducted a program on sexual education which can be applied to kids at the early age. The program took place in TPA (Quranic Education Center) Dharma Yoga Santi Yogyakarta, since most parents enrolling their kids in the TPA are busy with their job and have a little time to give sexual education to their kids at home. The program was held in the from of Seminar on Sexual Education for parents by presenting a psycolog. The agenda was followed by workshop on introducing Kuku Pesek to support the sexual education. The kids learning in the TPA became the main target of such program, which was guided by teachers; the teachers initially had training on how to give sexual education material to kids.

Kuku Pesek media was designed attractively in 3D. The media contains pictures to give sexual education to children. The media included parts of body that are prohibited to touch by others, and how to say ‘no’ if there is an indication to sexual violence. The media is in a pocket size, thus is easy to bring anywhere. In the end, the attempt is expected to prevent sexual violence to children while enlightening them on sexual education. This innovative media, together with the seminar and workshop, were granted from Directorate of Higher Education in term of Community Service 2016. (dedy)

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