Converter Kits for Liquid and Bio Gas-Fueled Motorcycle

Converter Kits for Liquid and Bio Gas-Fueled Motorcycle

A group of students at YSU Faculty of Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education produced Conventer Kits, a device to mix natural gas and air to fuel vehicles which use fossil fuel. They are Angger Gufita, Yadi Prabowo Mukti, and Muhammad Faturahman Baehaqi under the supervision of Dr. Mujiyono dan Dr. Eng. Didik Nurhadiyanto.
“The increasing consumption of gasoline has driven us to create this device. It is to use the bio gas which is less consumed by motorbike users so that we can reduce the consumption of gasoline,”said Angger.
By experimenting with 3kg of Petroleum gas, the team created the converter kits which is used to mix the fuel and air with a more accurate ratio to maximise the combustion.
The converter is equipped with a flame arrestor so that if a short cut occurs, both the fuel flow and the machine will automatically stop.
“By using 1kg of fuel, the vehicle is able to reach a distance of 80 kilometers,” Angger continued.
The team is continuing their research on the tube for the fuel to assemble to the vehicle body and doing a sequence of experiments.

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