Cooking with International Students

The students cook their dish.











Tuesday (26th/11/2013), tempting smells of foods filled the Pendopo TedjaKusma hall, Faculty of Languages and Arts of Yogyakarta State University (YSU), which was crowded by students. Four teams competed to cook the best dish in the Cooking Challenge- Edsa Fair in the English Week 2013 conducted by the English Department Students’ Association (EDSA) of Yogyakarta State University.

Under the theme “Come Out and Get the Sweetest Moment,” the English week was conducted from 26th November- 3rd December 2013 as the special event for the English Education and English Literature students from the junior to senior ones.” The chief of the committee, Riusly Pratomo, said, “Students of the English Department are occupied with their own activities, here, we try to get them together, have fun, and socialize with each other, like the theme of the event, to get the sweetest moment.” 

The committee also invited four international students currently studying at Gadjah Mada University as the judges for the dish made by the teams. They were Andrea (England), Bianca (Romania), Zack, and Quintin (Australia), who are studying Bahasa Indonesia at the university. They took part in cooking pan cakes, grilled sausages, and cornflake cakes and selling them. Meanwhile, the four competing teams cooked pastes and salads and then their dishes were judged by the four international students.  

Andrea and Biance said that this was the first time for them to join such event. Similarly, Quintin and Zack, who are also learning Javanese, were enthusiastic to participate. “The event is great, and the food too. We are so happy to come and know the events in the Indonesian university,” said Quntin.

Other than the cooking competition, the committee also provided stands selling chocolates and items, not to mention games like Dart and Uno cards games. The participants could join the sport competitions such as futsal, badminton, and table tennis games, and English Internal Competition, too. (Zidnie/ Rony)

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