YSU leaders received the delegation from Finland University on Thursday (24/11) at the University Meeting Room (RKU), YSU Rector’s Office. Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A. and Prof. Dr. Edi Purwanta, M.Pd welcomed Juha Christensen, Pasi Kaskinen, Dr.Minna Makihonko and Dr. Anna Alasuutari openly accompanied by the Deans and the director of the Graduate Schools. The Government of Indonesia and the Government of Finland signed, in 2015, two (2) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Basic Education sector as well as for Higher Education and Research with the goal of long-term partnership and collaboration in education between the two countries.

Finland University is a joint entity of the University of Tampere, University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland. Three universities committed to teacher education, international cooperation and cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Indonesia and university partners to support the overall development of the education system in Indonesia. Finland University will cooperate with four LPTK in Indonesia; namely the State University of Jakarta. State University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia University of Education and the State University of Surabaya.

Pasi Kaskinen as the Executive Vice President, Finland University expressed his desire to seek cooperation opportunities in various sectors in the development of academic and educational expertise. In addition, Kaskinen also wants to promote learning opportunities at universities in Finland and highlighted that they can offer scholarships to talented students.

Vice Rector IV, Dr. rer. nat. Senam then led a discussion session where the Finnish University and YSU propose some topics of collaboration, including curriculum and innovative teaching methods and information about scholarships and learning opportunities for faculty members who wish to continue their studies in Finland.

"Competence of English is not the main determining factor in the acceptance of further studies, but the research topics that have been approved by the prospective supervisor is the most influential factor in getting a scholarship in Finland." said Juha Christensen, Senior Advisor to Finland University. (Kuik)

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