"Crossing Borders: Cultural Exchange and Collaboration Between UiTM and UNY"


The visit of the UiTM Club to UNY on March 6, 2024, transcended mere academic collaboration, evolving into a vibrant cultural exchange between the two institutions. Led by Prof. Anita Triastuti, the International Office Secretary, the visit commenced with a warm reception and a lively atmosphere, attended by esteemed faculty members from both sides.

Dr. Zulfi Hendri, M.Pd., Vice Dean for Research, Cooperation, Information System, and Entrepreneurship at UNY, set the stage for a day filled with exploration and engagement. The itinerary included presentations highlighting initiatives such as UiTM's Kelab Penyayang and UNY's KOP Sukarela PMI, emphasizing community service and human resource development.

The UiTM delegation, comprising faculty members and students, participated in an educational session at the UNY Art Workshop, immersing themselves in traditional arts like batik and pottery production. The interactive workshops sparked newfound appreciation for Indonesian cultural heritage and craftsmanship among the visitors.

A guided tour of the Museum Pendidikan Indonesia (MPI) showcased Indonesia's educational evolution, deepening the understanding of cultural and historical contexts. The visit concluded with a tour of UMKM in Plaza UNY, offering insights into Indonesia's entrepreneurial landscape and sparking discussions on potential business collaborations.

Throughout the visit, strong bonds were forged, and meaningful exchanges occurred, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between UiTM and UNY. The significance of the visit lies in its potential to enhance academic collaboration and cultural exchange, paving the way for future partnerships and shared success.

In summary, the visit of the UiTM Club to UNY exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and cultural exchange in shaping the future of higher education. As the delegation departed, they carried with them lasting memories and a renewed commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and driving impactful initiatives in the future.(UNY International Office)

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