“Bravo Cooperation in Indonesia, Bravo...! Deposit Mart,. The Glorious Maritime..!” that is the jargon glorified by delegation of Student Cooperation, Yogyakarta State University in presenting their paper in Bandung Technological Institutr (20/2). The YSU delegate was announced the champion in Call for Paper ITB Cooperative Day 2016. Three YSU students of Faculty of Economics namely Maryana (Accounting Education), Eryan Dwi Susanti (Economics Education), and Ujang Hartanto (Accounting Education) represent their campus in presenting ideas and solution towards fisheries cooperatives for fishermen by employing deposit mart system.

“We extend our hope in the advantages of our system, thus fisheries cooperatives in Indonesia could operate optimum, able to prosper their members, and also Indonesia could be the maritime center in the world. The cooperatives are also expected to become the backbone of nation’s economy” says Ujang.

Revitalization on fisheries cooperatives with Deposit Mart system is a solution offered by YSU team to enliven and advance fisheries cooperatives in Indonesia with deposit income system and Non-cash National Movement. The revitalization is carried out in three parts, namely reorganization, improvement on financial management system, and integration on service business to cooperative members and fishermen through empowerment of people on the sea-shore to manage the fisheries with the system of fishermen industrial group, giving financial literacy education to fishermen in managing finance, and improving the price of fish to be sold in the global market.

Ujang further explained, after qualifying for the tight proposal competition, Kokesma ITB invited five teams from various universities to present the idea in the event. The teams came from the University of Indonesia (UI), Bandung Technological Institute, Bogor Agricultural Institute, University of Education Indonesia and Yogyakarta State University.

"Global competitions in MEA, AFTA, and advances in information technology appear to bring great opportunities and challenges that need to be optimized properly. Moreover, Indonesia with its long coastline, wide sea and diverse fish becomes such a big capital to realize into a maritime axis of the world”, he added. (Ibnu Zainal)

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